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“It is your birthright to be the happiest, the most fulfilled, the most powerful and pleasurable woman you can be!”

Jane Nguyen

Hi, I'm Jane Nguyen

Founder of Sacred Feminine Devotion


Hey woman, 


Below is an application process only for those who are ready, willing & desiring to step up into their highest soul expansion and embody their Feminine Power & Pleasure. 

This container is a high touchpoint with a blend of different modalities including NLP,  Embodiment, Tantra, Shamanic & Somatic practices,  and Shadow Alchemy to support your transformations.


This is for you if:

- You desire to be in an intimate container with 1.1 support to fast track your growth and transformation

- You enjoy group coaching but know that your next edge is in the deeply embodied transformations that happen from opening to the body

- You desire to feel connected, empowered, and activated to claim the life and the relationship you truly desire

- You are willing to go deep and to show up fully and unwaveringly for yourself

- You desire to build that deep loving and devotional relationship with yourself where you come first, and that your needs, boundaries, and desires matter

- You are ready to let go of old conditionings and unconscious patterns that c*ckblock you from embodying the most vibrant and juicy woman you deeply desire to be

- You are ready to heal your trauma and childhood wounds and to step into the sovereign Queen that you are

- You are ready to create and experience the devotional relationship and an 'out-of-this-world' intimacy

- You are able, willing, and ready to invest in yourself 



How this works

Once you have filled in the application form, one of our team members will reach out to make an appointment for a free 30-minute Soul Alignment call with me. 

You will be guided to connect to your deep Sacred Feminine and your body, to discover what's in the way of your soul truths and heart desires. You can ask questions and get supported on the call.

If there is a soul resonance and a full F*ck Yes to work together, you will be invited to enter the sacred 1.1 container.


What you can experience from the call:

- A taste of the deeply embodied transformations from opening to the body soma

- Gain clarity of the unconscious patterns and the next steps forward

- Feel more connected, anchored and activated in your Soul truths

- A clear strategy & steps that will support you to move forward




“Jane embodies the roots and power of the feminine in ways only a crone can & embodies the softness of the maiden. Jane has the ability to hold space with full integrity - her transparency is a gift.

Jane as a coach can work with the day to day practicals of life and the magic of life.

I am a mother of 4 and her wisdom has opened my heart and body up in ways that I didn’t think was possible. Working with Jane brings about change and choice. Janes gifts are her presence, power, principles, and love. Working with Jane was life-changing as she is a master at ceremonies allowing her intuition to guide what is most beneficial for all."

- Marnie Sather


"I would highly recommend this program to all women out there who want to explore themselves on a deeper level. Tap into their gifts, their wisdom and create some amazing transformations. Jane is an amazing facilitator, she has the ability to create a really safe space for exploration, growth and anything vulnerable that is shared is kept confidential.

I loved the sisterhood that was created, being in a group of like-minded women, happy to support, nurture and hold space for me was a beautiful thing.”

- Romy Bach 


"Jane provides a beautiful and safe environment which really allowed me to tap into different aspects of myself I had been hiding for so long.

I am feeling a level of peace and clarity that has been gained from the work. I left feeling empowered and energised.”

- Jordan Adele - Teacher


You are an alchemist and a witch. 

I experienced a lot of magic and feelings I have never experienced before.

I loved that during our sessions you were very calm, slow, loving and very present.

I experienced a level of safety and confidence with you that was extraordinary and that allowed me to surrender deeper. 

I feel our sessions activated something in me that I can't avoid anymore. The sessions helped me bring more awareness of who I am, on myself and on the gifts my body is revealing and offering to me, more awareness on my energy and on my frequency as well.

Thank you Jane.”

- Sophie Gns


"I feel completely at peace and a larger sense of self and acceptance within myself. I have tapped into my powerful womanhood. What I love about the program is moving my body and tapping into and experiencing different energies. For women who need to tap into their true inner power and voice, this environment creates a safe and authentic opportunity to experience it."

- Monique Snepvangers - Marketer


Jane is a phenomenal coach who has facilitated transformational change. The difference that I have noticed in myself and that others have observed is something that I never thought possible. I am so grateful for her support and I would highly recommend Jane to anybody who is committed to changing their lives.”

- Beverley H.


From the first coaching session with Jane, I saw immediate results. Jane’s compassionate and honest feedback as my coach helped me trust her and take a deep look at my thinking patterns and some of my self-destructive beliefs. I noticed remarkable improvements after the first session and thereafter…Jane’s commitment and guidance as a coach brought me back to the person I knew I could be.”

- Stefanny B.


I HIGHLY recommend working with Jane Nguyen.

I have been in the personal development industry for almost 10 years now. And have had sessions from such a vast array of people.

What was so obvious to me was the depth and potency of the space and container that Jane holds.

She always feels so in touch with where I am and with exactly what I need in each moment. I was able to go to such a deep level of connection with myself. And awaken parts of myself that have been hidden and in my shadow.

This opened a deeper, more embodied, sense of power and connection to the feminine. She and the work she brings into this world are a gift. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!

- David Charles


Before my sessions with Jane, I was really struggling to take responsibility for my own power, my shadows and vulnerabilities in relating with my partner. Jane created a safe and loving container for me to feel like it was actually okay to share what was alive for me. The more I emptied the freer I felt.
In peeling away the layers of stuck energy, of dogma and stories, I felt more connected to my power to choose how I want to be in a relationship. I experience more power in my relationship than I have before. I have a greater capacity to own my own shit, without projecting it onto my partner. I’m no longer running away from my partner.
A coaching session with Jane – deep listening and radical empowerment.

- Sarah G


Jane has an amazing ability to hold space for you to truly feel free to show up as you are with all your vulnerabilities and to tap into your truest power. I was able to tap into parts of myself that had been dormant for so long and it was such a liberating feeling. I can’t recommend Jane’s work enough and it is something us overachieving women need to embrace more of. Thank you Jane xxoo” 

- Jackie Kats


“I’ve been involved in the personal development realm for many years so I was looking for a coach who was deeply connected to themselves, wise and walked their talk, Jane was this coach for me. Specifically, I was seeking a coach to help me own my authentic power and trust myself even more.
Jane has developed this phenomenal intuition and wisdom that uncovers the root sources of my challenges and provided the guidance and tools I needed to navigate through them, step by step. For example, sharing techniques to stop my overactive mind and to slow down and drop deeper into my body’s natural wisdom to unlock more of my authentic power.
Since my coaching with Jane, I have felt more empowered to own my vulnerability, live my truth and handle the challenges of life. In particular, I’ve noticed my girlfriend and I have become so much closer and have grown stronger together and that I’m embracing the tougher conversations in the workplace which has improved overall KPI’s.”

- Jay Palese


Jane gives me permission to feel, she touches the deep parts of my being that are so often unheard and unwitnessed and she allows them to rise to be seen and heard. I’m feeling seen and heard and having full permission so that I can come back to a more calm centred space. I find Jane’s skill in this particularly rare in our society and with her intuitive and present wisdom she has had a profound effect helping me move stuck feelings and emotions and giving me full permission to empty without judgement. I’ve found Jane’s level of presence deeply nourishing for my mind, body and soul. I’d highly recommend Jane in re-vitalising your mind, body and soul and connecting you within to your truest nature.

Kylie Shaw Wallace


"I’ve personally known and worked with Jane Nguyen for the last year, during that time I have leveled-up multiple times to be more in tune with me and what my soul is wanting. Jane has this tough love approach and is not afraid to tell you the truth even if it hurts as she does it in a way where it’s with so much love you know it’s from a good intention.

While being facilitated by Jane in her program, I found she has a very loving way of creating a safe space for me to be vulnerable and bring all of myself to the space.

Thanks for everything Jane xx

- Frankie Avalon Fonohema - High-Performance Coach


"I approached Jane for some coaching because I wanted to explore who I am in relationships and how to prepare myself for a future relationship. Jane assisted me to become clear about what I wanted in a partner and partnership and to become clear about what I wanted for my life. Jane is a dedicated, compassionate and articulate coach who I felt an easy affiliation with. I am now feeling more confident and content within myself and more prepared to consider the prospect of a new relationship. I am grateful to Jane for her assistance and highly recommend her to others.

- Michelle G. - Life Coach


"Thank you Janey.

I am loving my experience of life, I walk through life knowing my own Masculine strength. It fills my body, my chest expands and I walk taller, I radiate confidence.

I stand in whatever shit life throws at me and say BRING IT ON!

I came to Jane with a deep yearning of wanting connection with my Primal energy and darker sides. My experience then was numbness and the energy being stuck in my body. 

Jane set up a very safe space where I felt held, she is incredibly intuitive in her touch. Seeing where the energy was stuck and helping it move through the body. Particularly with connecting it to my throat. Allowing my Primal energies to make noise and have a voice.

I am truly grateful for Jane's devotional work and that I felt safe to express all my emotions, be held to go into the numbness and darkness. To find the gifts there.

I highly recommend Jane to anyone who wants to awaken their Primal energy and aliveness."

- Ben Komisars




Looking forward to serving you.

Much Love

Jane xo