Connect To Your Soul & Heart Passion & Get Ready To Set Yourself on Fire.






What would it feel like for you to be led by Soul, to anchor yourself deeply to your core truths & to remember who you are as a Divine woman?

How differently would you show up in your life if you could set the rules?

How would it feel to say YES to life, to love, to the relationship & intimacy you deeply desire?

Are you ready to release & let go of the pattern of Push & surrender to the Feminine Flow that is here to support & guide you?


Too often I've witnessed many women moving through life from a place of Busyness, overwhelmed mind & disconnected body. 

Women have been conditioned to compete with men, to hustle for their worth, to put themselves last and to please others at the expense of their own happiness


As a result of being in Masculine overdrive, many experience: Burn out, adrenal fatigue, loss of self, depression, relationship breakdown, lack of intimacy, unable to attract their desired partner...

Here is the thing...

As female-bodied beings, we are never designed to run that much Masculine energy & adrenaline through our system. That way of living is not sustainable or healthy for us for our nervous system.


When we disconnect from our Soul, from the current of Feminine juice & sparks, moving through life pushing a big truck up the hill, it's tiring and definitely not fun.

If you're ready to...

  • Connect to your Soul truths & anchor yourself deeply in your core Feminine essence
  • Release all the expectations & rulebooks around who you should be
  • Let go of the Masculine Push & the hustle and realign yourself with a more orgasmic & pleasurable life
  • Reconnect to your Feminine body & learn to love yourself more wholeheartedly.
  • Fall in love with who you are again and again and again...

What this Soul Expansion Bundle Includes

Sacred Feminine Experience ($97)

- Teachings around the Sacred Feminine and busting through the core 4 disempowering beliefs that disconnect women from their essence, love and flow

- Explore the 4 Power centres within our female bodies and how to activate them so experience the most epic life that we desire

- A guided process to drop into your body, to connect to these centres so you not only understand but also embody them


Soul Expansion 21-day Journal ($127)

- A 21 Day Workbook that contains daily soul transmission and self-discovering journal questions

- Daily potent new mantras to activate new energetic shift & embodiment

- A 21 day curated playlist to support the whole process 

- Bonus: Soul Activation Transmission 

- Bonus: Opening To Love Transmission 

Feminine Flow Planner ($47)

This special planner is designed in a way that truly honours the Feminine connection, our cycle, feelings, needs & desires. Instead of focusing on all the things, all the to-do lists and getting overwhelmed, this Planner supports you to focus on the important things that truly matter in the long run and let go of all the unnecessary stress.

30 Day Self Love Challenge ($27)

Throughout the 30 days, you are invited to follow the daily suggested action to experience deeper self-love & acceptance. 

TOTAL $298



What others experienced...

"What I have experienced with Jane is beyond words. I feel like so much has already shifted from just being in the space."  - Samantha J


"Jane holds such a potent container that creates a space for a very deep personal journey & exploration"  - Mala

Deep bows of love for all the receiving, transmissions and growth I experienced with you.

I received soooooooooooooooo much with you!!! and it's just the beginning! - Kate M


The Go-To Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Leadership & Sacred Sexuality Coach For The Modern Women

I am here to empower & champion women in owning their highest soul expansion, their hearts passion & wildest desires, their sovereign Queen power & the most orgasmic-ecstatic-open to God-kind of relationship & intimacy. 

Having gone through 20+ years of cultural and sexual suppression, 6 years of relationship abuse & violence, and battling years of depression, I experienced first-hand the incredible transformation when one awakens her Feminine power & magic.

I believe in living the big epic life where we say a full ‘F*ck Yes’ to our truest desires & the things that turn us on and make us wet!

I believe in walking between worlds, as a divine messenger and force of love on the planet, as well as a flawed & fumbling AF human that enjoys the simplicity of life, family & friendship.

I believe in activating Eros and sexuality, as a potent pathway for impact & change and I’m leading women home to their sacred sexual power.