The Sensual Woman is empowered in her sexuality, embraces all aspects of her aliveness, celebrates her body, and cares deeply for the heart. She does all of this through devoting to her embodiment, feeling her true essence, and moving her eros through her entire being.


Every woman deserves to feel her sensual essence. No matter your culture, age, shape/size, conditioning or status - if you’re a living & breathing woman, you have access to your sensual aliveness. 


A sensually empowered woman is a powerful woman - she is free & liberated in her expression. She is a woman who remembers that it is in her birthright to be radiant, juicy & turned on AF.


"Thank you Janey for guiding me to welcome parts of myself I once held as shame and transform them into my medicine, so deeply grateful for you and the powerful work you lead through your heart" - Sarah





Date: May 24th, 2022

Location: Online


This is a monthly circle of women coming together in dance, ritual & celebration of the feminine gift of sacred sensuality & sexuality. 


Women coming together in sacred spaces has been a practice since ancient times. This tribal connection has been known to support women navigating through relationship, birth & life in general and it has been long forgotten. 


As women we are deeply sensitive and sensual beings, and it’s so important to have spaces that you feel safe to explore your body, and feel empowered in embracing the fullness of you.


That is why we feel called to create a safe space of sisterhood so you can feel the connection with other women also embracing their sensuality, and to be seen & supported in the journey. 


This is a space to bring ALL OF YOURSELF

You can be tender & vulnerable

You can scream & roar

You can be aroused & moaning

All is welcomed & celebrated!


Our intention is to bring back temple spaces & practices into the day to day mundane; for women to reconnect & embody the sensual magick that exists in their bodies. 


There will be a transmission dance, guided embodiment journey, space to connect with your sisters and receive guidance or reflections from the facilitators.


These monthly circles will provide you with tools to deepen your connection with yourself, your heart, your sensuality, your sisters, and will empower you to integrate sensual embodiment into your everyday life.


The feminine wants to move, breath, dance through you and invites you to feel the gift and sensitivity of your aliveness. 


This is a space to freely and safely express your sensuality, in all the ways eros moves through you. 

What others have experienced being in the space with us

"What I have experienced with Jane is beyond words. I feel like so much has already shifted from just being in the space."

- Samantha 


"I felt really disconnected earlier today and I feel far more centred in my body and integrated emotionally. Seriously so yummy being able to come home"

- Maria


"Jane is a wonderful facilitator - deep, edgy, loving and patient. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to discover the depths of themselves, their body - physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically."

- Penny 


Every single one of us reached the final session not wanting it to end, feeling more open, heart-centred, embodied, connected and empowered with tools to support us on our journey.”

- Emily

Grace so beautifully created a space for us to come together as women. To sit, to be seen, to be heard and to be encouraged to dive deeper into the intimacy with ourselves. The space she holds is a testament to the work she has done within herself and for us as a collective.”

- Tegan



Jane Nguyen

Jane is a Feminine oracle, facilitator, coach & a devotee to the Sacred Feminine Arts.

Jane empowers & champions women to become the most epic, vibrant, juicy AF version of self and to experience out-of-this-world intimacy & love they truly deserve. 

Through her journey of overcoming abuse & rebelling against sexual suppression & dogmas as well as her trainings in somatic therapies, Master Prac of NLP, Tantra & Essence Coaching, Jane creates a safe, held & full permission space for women to reclaim the fullness of themselves & their sacred sexuality.

Grace Rodaughan

Grace is a nurturing & fiercely loving woman who is passionate about pleasure, intimacy, embodiment & relating. Grace is devoted to awakening the raw, wild and authentic human experience. Grace has journeyed deeply through embodiment & tantric trainings, as well as her own sexual healing, and now brings her gifts into the world throughout her life and teachings. She knows the healing potential of the body so listens to and deeply loves her physical being, and is a transmission of living an embodied life. Grace works 1:1 with clients through somatic therapy, teaching, coaching, tantric massage, and also facilities group journeys and workshops.


Date & Time: Tuesday May 24th, 2022, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Where: A private Zoom link will be provided upon registration. We are bring temple space into your private living room 

Investment: $33AUD

YES I'M IN >>>

"Deep bows of love for all the receiving, transmissions and growth I experienced with you. I received soooooooooooooooo much with you!!! & it's just the beginning". - Ranea