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F*ck With Feeling With Guest Speaker Kristian Stephan-Martin

In this episode, we dive into the conversation around the feminisation of Men and how that impacts relationships and intimacy in general. Kristian also shares what it means to be a grounded & integrated man in the modern society. We also touch on the importance of women's responsibility when it comes to boundaries and how to clearly & cleanly communicate inside and outside of the bedroom.

More info about Kristian: Kristian is a men's relationship and embodiment coach, writer, dancer, and speaker. He helps men return to being the powerful leaders and lovers they naturally are by dissolving the layers and fears that keep them from fully activating their heart, sex, and mind. Kristian is also the co-founder of an evolutionary approach to leadership, Embodied Leadership Training (ELT), where Latin dance is used as a vehicle to teach communication, trust, presence, and team flow to leaders and business teams. Kristian has combined Western psychology with embodiment and holistic healing practices for over 10 years. He's a TEDx speaker and Huffington Post featured.