What would it feel like for you to open so tenderly to the wild love you deeply long for?

To let your body, your heart, soul & sex be worshipped & ravished so deeply that it opens you into ecstasy…

To feel so safe & held to leap into love and into life

To receive Care, Love and Devotion from Men

Feel the rapture of the wild awakening

The drips of pleasures and longing kissing your body


Let yourself be seduced wide open into the deep remembering of your birthright.


Let the smouldering fire awaken you and your passion for the life you are here to live.



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"Jane is an amazing facilitator, she has the ability to create a really safe space for exploration, growth and anything vulnerable that is shared is kept confidential. 

I loved the sisterhood that was created, being in a group of like minded women, happy to support, nurture and hold space for me was a beautiful thing” 
- Romy Bach

Is this you?


You are amongst the strong & independent women who feel like they can conquer the world but often struggle to open to receive and surrender when it comes to love & intimacy.

You don't feel safe in your body to open your heart fully, so you armour up & put on a strong front

You show up in your life from the mind rather than the sensual aliveness and juicy pleasures in your body.

And you feel within every fibre of your being that it's time to crack this armour open to the Love you know you deserve.

If you have been nodding your head wondering ‘How the heck does she know?’




Here’s the thing…

Love is one of the highest and most potent Feminine frequencies that exist in the world, and yet it’s also the thing we are deeply terrified to open to.

Especially if you have experienced hurt, pain, abandonment or betrayal woundings in the past…

It can feel scary to open yourself again…


But armouring up is not a solution,

if anything it cages your heart and makes you feel even more lonely & empty.


The thing is,

You can’t run from Love. 

No matter how hard you’ve tried, it will keep knocking on the door until you let it in.

Because what your soul and your heart want for you is to experience the widest, the most ecstatic Love & intimacy of your dream.


Because it is YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!


But you can’t do this from your busy mind.

Not from the control and the rigid rules

Not from fears & past hurt stories


To open, hold & surrender to this much of love requires you to work with the BODY.

 This is why the focus of this day is about Embodiment - Embodying Worthiness, Safety & Love within you


If you are ready to experience Wild, Crazy, Epic Love like never before, come …

 Experience deep trust & safety in your body to fully open & surrender to life, to love & to men.
 Release old stories & patterns that no longer serve you at deep cellular levels
 Come home to the unwavering love & acceptance within you
 Upgrade your standards & own your boundaries from a place of love, not trauma
 Soften your armours and connect to your deepest longing & desires
 Call in devotional love & intimacy of your dreams

 Open your body to receive & experience all the juicy pleasures that are here for you


What others have experienced being in the space with me

What I have experienced with Jane is beyond words. I feel like so much has already shifted from just being in the space."

- Samantha J


"I felt really disconnected earlier today and I feel far more centred in my body and integrated emotionally. Seriously so yummy being able to come home"

- Maria




(over 8 hours of teachings, transmissions, embodiment practices)


Exploring the differences between Trauma Bonding & Conscious Healthy Relating to reveal some of the unconscious patterns that play out in relationship dynamics


Explore different embodiment gateways within the body to Embody Love so that it is not just a mental concept but a visceral experience in the body.

A guided journey to deepen into the senses & subtleties of our self connection.


Opening to darker aspects of Love that may have been shut down and suppressed such as our emotions, rage, grief, being loud & too much & How to bring those parts home into more love & acceptance.

A guided embodiment to embody these aspects within ourselves.


Diving into our relationship to the Masculine in men & in God. Exposing shadow aspects of the 'strong, capable woman' and how much it impacts the way we open to receive Love.

Through the body, we discover the layers of limitations & contractions when it comes to surrender to men, God, love & sex. A guided journey to experience deep healing, love, holding, pleasures in the body.


Hey there, I'm Jane Nguyen


I am a Feminine Devotee, Embodiment Coach & Sacred Sexuality Teacher for conscious modern women and the female leaders. I am also a Dancing Eros Facilitator and a Core Initiatress & Creative Doula in Shaney Marie Company.

My mission is to empower & champion women to live from their highest soul expansion, lead with their heart's passion & wildest desires, their sovereign Queen power & experience the most orgasmic-ecstatic-open to God-kind of relationship & intimacy.

I believe in walking between worlds, as a divine messenger and force of love on the planet, as well as a flawed & fumbling AF human that enjoys the simplicity of life, family & friendship.

I have been initiated over and over and over again into Love through my 12.5-year relationship as well as on my spiritual journey and my soul business. 

I'm not here to preach about Enlightenment & Ascension path because I do believe that it's unsustainable until you learn to ground and hold that in your body. 

My path and what I'm here to teach/transmit is the path of Embodiment & Devotion to Feminine Juicy Aliveness in the body. If you feel deeply called, come join us...

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"She has an amazing ability to hold space for you to truly feel free to show up as you are with all your vulnerabilities and to tap into your truest power. I was able to tap into parts of myself that had been dormant for so long and it was such a liberating feeling. I can’t recommend Jane’s work enough and it is something us overachieving women need to embrace more of.

Thank you Jane xxoo "

Jackie Kats, Leadership Coach