For The Conscious Female Leaders, Modern Women & The Busy Mummas

Discover how to embody more of your Feminine essence so you can experience more flow, love & intimacy in your life

What you'll receive from this Ebook:

Over 50 pages of juicy content, teachings, journaling prompts & practices to support you to:

- Gain a deeper understanding of The Sacred Feminine principle & the unique way in which the Feminine wants to express in this life

- Discover the 4 common myths that often block women from tapping into their Feminine essence & power 

- The potent gateways to awaken your Sacred Feminine in your relationships & life

- Journal questions & practices to activate the 4 powerful Feminine centers in your body (Soul, Heart, Womb & Sex)

- Bonus content on healing your relationship to Men & the Masculine

- Bonus: The Sacred Woman Mantras which is exclusive to the inner circles. 

- A curated Playlist for you to deepen into your Feminine Embodiment practice




The Go-To Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Leadership & Sacred Sexuality Coach For The Modern Women

I am here to empower & champion women in owning their highest soul expansion, their hearts passion & wildest desires, their sovereign Queen power & the most orgasmic-ecstatic-open to God-kind of relationship & intimacy. 

Having gone through 20+ years of cultural and sexual suppression, 6 years of relationship abuse & violence, and battling years of depression, I experienced first-hand the incredible transformation when one awakens her Feminine power & magic.

I believe in living the big epic life where we say a full ‘F*ck Yes’ to our truest desires & the things that turn us on and make us wet!

I believe in walking between worlds, as a divine messenger and force of love on the planet, as well as a flawed & fumbling AF human that enjoys the simplicity of life, family & friendship.

I believe in activating Eros and sexuality, as a potent pathway for impact & change and I’m leading women home to their sacred sexual power.