For Conscious Female Leaders, Coaches, Kickass Boss Babes & Modern Busy  Women


May 31st, 2022, 7pm AEST

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Sacred Feminine Devotion presents...


For Conscious Female Leaders, Coaches, Kickass Boss Babes & Modern Busy Women


Becoming the deep soul love & wild intimacy you truly desire

May 31st, 2022, 7pm AEST



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Is this you?


✔️ You are an ambitious and independent woman who is kicking a*se in your career/business, but struggling to attract & create the loving devotional relationship you desire

✔️ You wear the 'Strong Woman' identity which keeps you safe & allows you to be in control, however, it also results in you feeling incredibly lonely

✔️ You desire to find a conscious man and be met in all that you are & to surrender deeply

✔️ You have been hurt in relationships and often find it hard to soften, trust & surrender to a man

✔️ You have the tendency to attract emotionally unavailable men, spiritual f*ck boys or men you end up 'mothering'

✔️ You find yourself compromising your standards and boundaries, which often leads to feeling abandoned & resentful

✔️ You desire to feel more empowered & confident in who you are & to embody your feminine magnetism, inside & outside of the bedroom

✔️ You know deeply that you deserve a passionate, loving & devotional relationship but you just don't know how...


If this sounds familiar, Welcome!


You are amongst many women who are stuck in old, unconscious relationship patterns that keep them trapped, lonely & unhappy.

Despite their deep aching desires, these women struggle to call in the conscious man that their heart longs for. Unconsciously, it feels safer to stay single than to finally be happy.

These women often fall into 2 categories:

- Attracting men that aren't healthy or good for them 

- Attracting men that they don't find sexually or emotionally compatible


Sounds weird right? But it's very common!

Hear me out...


Despite having the deep desire to be in a loving and intimate partnership...

It actually feels safer to loop in unconscious relationship patterns than risk putting their heart on the line

It feels safer than letting their guard down and being vulnerable

It feels safer to believe that there are no conscious men out there, than to take full responsibility for where they haven't fully shown up for themselves firstly

It is safer to believe that power is outside of themselves (i.e. over there, in the conscious man) than to rise into their own sovereign power & claim their true desires

Sounds harsh, but that's what's happening at the unconscious level for many women.


So if you are ready to shift your relationship patterns and lean into your deepest heart desires, keep reading...


I want to personally invite you to join us in this free Masterclass experience:


May 31st, 2022, 7pm - 9pm AEST

Instead of looking for 'The One', YOU BECOME THE ONE

✨ The one that is unwavering in her standards & truths

✨ The one that deeply knows it is her birthright to be the most epic, radiant, juicy-AF version of herself and to experience orgasmic, out-of-this-world, intimacy

✨ The one that prioritises herself and knows that her needs, wants & desires matter

✨ The one that is willing to be vulnerable and risk losing control for a chance of wild love

✨ The one that takes full responsibility to create safety, & understands that power is always within her

✨ The one that is connected & open, not just to men but to life

✨ The one that shows up unapologetically herself and always has her own back 

✨ The one that deeply knows the gifts of opening herself to the ecstasy that intimacy can bring

✨ The one that knows she may be labeled as 'too much' by some, but is an incredible gift for others

✨ The one that radiates deep, devotional Love from the inside-out, and it is from this deep place that she forms connection & intimacy in her life




Come join us in this Masterclass experience, jam-packed with lots of insights, as well as embodiment, so that you don't just learn the ideals and concepts, but you get to awaken and embody it in your body.

Get ready to experience:


✔️ A sense of embodying authentic, sovereign power as a woman with high standards

✔️ Feeling connected & embodied in yourself and your magnetism

✔️ Become unwavering in your truths and standards whilst opening your heart to Love

✔️ Radical transformations when it comes to how you relate to men & the Masculine

✔️  Embody the magnetic woman that you already are & attract what you desire

✔️  Experience deeper connection & intimacy with yourself and others

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What you will learn from the Masterclass...


These 2 hours are jam-packed with new learnings, and also embodiment, so that you can integrate your learning in real time... 

Exploring your beliefs around Men & the Masculine and how to radically shift that so you are open & aligned to what you desire

✨ Dive in & explore what it takes to be the magnetic and confident woman that you desire to be, and to have the most epic intimacy of your life

✨ The superpower of your soft Feminine heart & how to open safely & deeply to love 

✨ How to break through the unconscious relationship patterns that currently block you from attracting the conscious man of your dreams

✨ How to be more of your authentic self where ever you go and attract high quality, devotional relationships in your life

✨ Guided Feminine Embodiment processes that will activate, align & awaken your Feminine magnetism to your dream relationship

✨ Have your specific questions answered on the call

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What others have to say...

"What I have experienced with Jane is beyond words. I feel like so much has already shifted from just being in the space."Samantha J

"I love receiving your feminine wisdom and transmission and seeing your excitement and passion about everything juicy!! Thanks Jane xx" - Stephanie 

"I felt really disconnected earlier today and I feel far more centred in my body and integrated emotionally. Seriously so yummy being able to come home." - Maria

 "Thank you so so much beautiful woman. This has been Manuka honey to my soul. xxx" - Kelly

How this works...

  • Once you register, you'll receive an email with details to join our private FB group & a link to join the live call

  • This is a live experience where you can come and experience it in real-time

  • Date: May 31st, 2022. The live call will be 7pm - 9pm AEST 


    If you desire to open & activate deep devotional love & intimacy, then this is an experience not to be missed.

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About Jane Nguyen

Feminine Oracle, Feminine & Sexuality Coach For The Modern Female Leaders

I am here to empower & champion women to embody their Queen power & become the most epic, radiant, turned on & juicy-AF version of themselves; and from that place create the most orgasmic-ecstatic-open to God-kind of relationship & intimacy. 

Having gone through 20+ years of cultural and sexual suppression, 6 years of relationship abuse & violence, and battling years of depression, I experienced first-hand the incredible transformation when one is anchored in herself and her Feminine power. 

Throughout my 13+ year relationship with my beautiful man and going through all the ups and downs of relationship & parenthood together, I know how possible it is to claim this big juicy life and to say a full ‘F*ck Yes’ to the wild love that aches in our hearts.

I believe in walking between worlds, as a divine messenger and force of love on the planet, as well as a flawed & fumbling-AF human that enjoys the simplicity of life, family & friendship.

I believe in activating Eros and sexuality, as a potent pathway for impact & change and I’m leading women home to their sacred sexual power.